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How to Stop PHCN from cheating your house legally

Large percentage of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) bill to their customers is estimated bill, how you can stop PHCN from estimating your bill over and over legally.

This post is about an experience with PHCN and the resident of an household at Aho estate Ajibode University of Ibadan, how PHCN disconnected them from their service by cutting their light off illegally and based on false claim and how they were able to fight back and get their light connected back without paying the estimated demands by PHCN to them.

One thing that is consistent with Nigerians is that they don’t know their right and few that does are ignorant about it, if we truly know how our right only few house will be get disconnected from using light because what it looks like is that we’ve been paying for electricity that we are not using and when we complain, the response we get is that the bill given is an estimated bill, they will urge customers to pay outrageous amount, it will be corrected or redressed at the next bill and what customers continue to get is an estimated bill over and over.

The case of house 6 aho estate was an example of how to you can deal with the greediness of PHCN and stop them from extorting you and your forever.

The case has been building up for long but went overboard after the transformer of that area got spoilt for 2months and a week after it was fixed, they serve all the house in that neighborhood estimated bill with additional #14,000, estimating them at the rate #7000 per month for the times they were in darkness which is tantamount to nothing but stealing, our survey in some areas in Lagos and Ogun states too together with the anonymous message we get shows this is what an average Nigerians face at the hand of this horrific PLC called PHCN.

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After the unlawful estimation they aggressively demand people to pay up for they don’t use or risk being disconnected from their service which is to supply light that they are now holding and still want to paid for doing that, the person in charge of the house electricity payment and maintenance collect the normal dues and to pay the #3,000 he was able to gather to the PHCN office nearby as usual, on getting there he was told the money is not enough that they must pay at least #10,000 but he pleaded that he was not able to meet all the occupant of the house in that short time as many of them were not there on full time basis.

Less not forget that that house is occupied by mostly students that only what they use regularly there is laptop phone and other petty gadgets like touch light charging, only two of the residents has TV sets and home theater, with the rest of the residents running their post graduate program at the University of Ibadan, fully based in Lagos but come once or twice in a month just to pass the night when they have academic work, this shows that the house is supposed to be paying less because they use less but are still confront with estimated billing every month despite have and digital meter

The digital meter readings are not picked by the PHCN official and ignored deliberately when even sent to them so as to be able to sell the idea that their bill is estimated as a result of the absence of their readings and promised to redress it the following month.

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After pleading that the #3,000 was what they are able to raise at the moment they didn’t accept it asking them to look for at least #10,000 because that is what they can accept from them, they went back to raise the money to #7,000 and went back to pay but was still rejected despite pleading, the guy in charge of that payment returned home and went about his daily routines but only to find out later that night when the light came that they have been disconnected, this made them furious at this gross misconduct and injustice they are facing, you know the pain of seeing light around but not in your own house, you know that pain right?

This prompt another residence of that house Mr Shakirullah to begin his investigation on how they are been billing their house for the past one year, getting all his previous bills and also picking the readings both the one that was used and the ones that were ignored by the PHCN, only to discover they have over paid PHCN for what they have not even used due constant estimated billings they have been receiving.

After hes discovery he wrote the regional PHCN office in Ibadan, called capital building at ring road, showing them his findings on their account and addressing them in a letter for immediate reconnection of their light without any delay, at first they were shocked at his demand, he immediately demanded to see the manager, made his case with him and he was asked to go home, that his case will be looked into the next day, the next day he didn’t get any response so he went back to them asking why he didn’t hear from them and they calm him down because at this point he was very furious at them he told ReutersNG

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They called the area office incharge of their account to go and reconnect them back immediately, it feels like a win already to him, don’t forget they were already begging them to take #7,000 from them before and now they didn’t pay a dime to get reconnected. The main reason why they continue to oppress and extort Nigerians is because we allowed them, demand your right and stop paying for what you don’t use or attempt to bribe them in anyway.

After the redress on their account it was discover that they weren’t owing and infact it is PHCN that owed them and after the whole redress their account was credited back and I believe this is the case with many Nigerians because after they come with estimated bill, we beg to pay them to reduce and they will be telling you the amount they can accept and the amount they can’t instead billing you as to what you consumed.

Here are the screenshots of the letter and processed went through by mr shakirullah to resolve their case and free their house

copy of the letter wrote to their region head office in ibadan requesting for redress


copy of the over estimated bill of the mr shakirullah house 

IBDEC response to mr shairullah Letter


envelop the letter contained











document received after correction has been made on their account

we hope this post is helpful to someone in freeing themselves from PHCN and for further assistance, you can drop ur messages in the comment session


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