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12 Tips To Write Posts That Hold Reader’s Attention To The End

12 Tips To Write Posts That Hold Reader’s Attention To The End

How long does a visitor spend on your latest post page? Long enough to read it fully? How many post shares and comments do you get? Enough to let you know that your audience is really appreciating what you’re putting out? There’s no point in writing posts that people don’t digest fully. Here are 12 tips to write posts that your readers are guaranteed to read, end to end.

The aim of every blogger or writer out there is to pass a message across to the right audience. And when you write and no one reads, I doubt you’ll be motivated to keep writing.

It is normal that you get very little readers when you are just starting out, but If you own a blog that is months or years old and still get little or no readers, it means you are doing something wrong.

Among the reasons your readers don’t stay for long on your blog could be because you are not engaging them, and below are some of the factors that could help you keep your passer by readers and turn them into loyal followers.

1. Capture Audience Attention With Your Headline

Use your headline to entice your audience, titillate them, excite them and offer them the promise of more excitement within the content. Even if you’re presenting a tried and tested topic, craft your headline to make it look like you’re adding something new to an old topic. Use commonly accepted expletives in your headline to grab more attention if you can.

Remember, your headline is one of the most deciding factors when it comes to the success of a blog post. You should always carefully craft your headlines so you can come up with something great. Ensure every headings brings something new, something that’ll entice the reader.

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2. Tell People Why They Should Read Your Post

Why should people read your post? Convey that through your headline. For example, ’10 tricks to save on your tax’ is fine, but ’10 tax-saving tricks from the master of tax’ will gain more eyeballs. It’s a fictional title, but you get the idea. Use your headline to establish your credibility.

Do not just sit and use what others use, instead search for the title or keywords of the article you are writing on and see how others have crafted their titles, you should come up with something better so that you can easily beat the competition.

3. Be Opinionated On Your Topic

The purpose is not to be arrogantly opinionated; the purpose is to make sure your post reflects your opinion strongly. That’s what the visitor is there to know – your opinion, your take, and your angle on the topic. So long as you focus on writing an interactive, opinionated post, you will get people to read it and leave comments.

4. End Your Post With An Open-Ended Question

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If your topic is popular enough, and your opinion is strong, there’s no reason why your reader won’t express his or her own opinion just as strongly. People browse blogs for updated information on a topic, and they share posts that share interesting, opinionated ideas.

5. Write A Series Articles On A Single Topic

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This way, your readers will continue to read your article instalment, which gives your blog the stickiness that bloggers want. Offer quality information in each installment, and be sure to address comments from the previous article to keep reader interest going. Engage with your reader’s comments as well to add more fuel to the fire.

Having a series of articles on one topic also gives your readers a reason to always come back because they know that it only takes an expert to write serially in a single topic. Therefore, whenever they need anything relating to that topic, they know where to go, your Blog!

6. Make Your Post About Your Reader, Not About You

Sure, you want to share your latest travel exploit. You can still win on that one of you have really great pics. But how about writing about what your reader can expect from a destination? That makes the article about the reader, and not about you. Make sure your blog title is about your reader, and in the first paragraph, summarize what your article can do for them.

7. Deliver A Unique Spin

Take up an angle in an old topic that hasn’t been explored before. Make your post title sound controversial or counter intuitive. Get readers to react – they can think you’re being stupid, clever, wrong or incredibly dull. That’s just it – you want them to think.

8. Tell Them What’s Wrong With Their Game

People want to know where they’re screwing up in their gardening, investing, tax and a myriad other topics. Delve into their thoughts, into their internal conversations. Through your post, let them know you understand their frustrations and that you can help.

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9. Focus On Quality Tips

Everyone has specific issues in their lives. Everyone wants to know a quicker, easier and less troublesome way to fix these issues. Provide quality tips, something other than the tried and ordinary. Add a quirky element to your tips – make them self-depreciating, add some humor and make your readers smile. Your post should help them, while telling them not to take their problems so seriously.

10. Use Compelling Images

Just after your attention-grabbing, curiosity and excitement-inducing title, insert an image. This image can be funny, naughty and even off-topic. Your purpose here is to startle your reader and get them to stay on the page. Your image should invoke the same emotion that your headline evokes. Place a downwards pointing arrow after the image and continue with your topic content, which must be just as exciting as the image!

11. Write A Crafty Opening Sentence

Your headline pulls the reader in and gives him pause. Next comes your image which makes your reader smile and think. Follow up on this moment with a smashing opening paragraph which makes your reader think, pause, reflect and smile more. By now your reader is more or less hooked and will read your post.

12. Include Participant Voices

Expressing your own views strongly will get your post read, but reflecting the views of authority people in your niche will gain more attention. Quote people liberally, referencing actual posts and dates. Provide the URLs of referential posts at the bottom of your article for authenticity.


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